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Walking the Breadline

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Walk highlights the terrible circumstances that many fellow citizens find themselves in of which the root causes are cuts in social welfare and the growth in very poor jobs says GMB

GMB members from Birmingham and West Midlands greeted the campaigning group 'Walking the Breadline' when they reached Birmingham at lunchtime today (28th September) on a 300 mile walk from Tredegar in South Wales to Manchester. The purpose of the walk is to bring attention of the impacts of austerity across the country and raise funds for food-banks.

The stop this evening is at Cannock. Tomorrow the walk leaves Cannock at 9am going to Stafford.

Joe Morgan, Regional Secretary said: “GMB Birmingham and West Midlands Region is proud to support this walk which highlights the terrible circumstances many of our fellow citizens find themselves in.

In some parts of our region food bank usage has trebled in recent years. We regularly organise collections for our local food bank.

The root causes are cuts in social welfare and the growth in very poor jobs.

Nationally the numbers of workers each week that have no guaranteed hours of work has grown by 47,323 to 744,442 in a six months period.

All across the economy the deal employers are offering workers is seriously decreased while workers often have little alternative but to accept what is on offer but workers are fighting back.

An example is at the ASOS depot in Barnsley where GMB members are campaigning for fixed hours. Another is the kitchens at Staverton Park Hotel near Daventry owned by the De Vere Group.  GMB had to fight for permanent hours contracts for some of them who were on zero hour contracts for nearly four years. We have had similar problems with zero hours at Marks and Spencer depot in Swindon where members employed by an agency are campaigning for parity with permanent staff on fixed hours.”

GMB call on the government to think again about their austerity measures and undermining further rights at work.”


Contact: Samantha Jones, Media/Researcher on 0121 550 4888 or GMB press office 07921 289880 or 07974 251 823.

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