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The five Cs


Members and potential members need to know what GMB stands for where they work. Instead of waiting for management to propose changes and then responding, GMB members at work should have their own agenda. GMB reps must involve all members in decisions that affect them, giving members a vote on every issue we can and asking them to get involved in their union in any way they can.


Potential members in your workplace should be aware GMB exists. GMB members must make sure everyone in the workplace knows what we are campaigning for and how to get involved. Wherever possible workplaces should adopt their own regular newsletter to keep members informed and involved, to deliver better, more local information more quickly.


GMB representatives in each workplace should know who is starting and who is leaving the job, who is a member and who is not and use this information to talk to potential members in there area regularly about the union’s work. Potential members should not only know how to join but should be approached regularly be a GMB member at work, told about GMB and asked to join.


In every workplace potential members should know how GMB can be a solution to their problems they face at work. Our credibility at work depends on the strength of the organisation and the skills of our workplace organisers to build the union in the workplace. Members must be involved in setting GMB’s agenda in each and every workplace and they must know where to go and who to contact if they need help, advice or representation in their workplace.


Everyone at work should see GMB as being a part of the workplace and in it for the long term. We should make a long term commitment to building the union in every workplace around the real issues people at each workplace face. You have already demonstrated your Commitment to build GMB where you work by coming forward to be a GMB Workplace Organiser and you should make sure everyone at work knows the union is confident, optimistic and a permanent part of the furniture in the workplace.

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