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Role of the National Organising Team

Nationally, the “National Organising Team” (NOT) has been established with a senior officer representing each region to co-ordinate the contribution regions will make to the new strategy for growth.

The National Organising team representative will take the lead in their region in finding new ways to grow the GMB at work. Collectively the National Organising Team will draw up recommendations for action across the union on behalf of the regions. At its first meeting in 2005 the National Organising Team drew up a checklist of recommendations for immediate action and the key messages that lie behind the new strategy. In the first few months the priorities have been clear:

  1. To move away from the monthly league table which compares each region’s recruitment performance with every other? The focus is now on regions judging their performance on recruitment against themselves rather than against colleagues in other parts of the country where the challenges can be very different.
  2. To have a better focus in GMB offices on the organising targets. Officers pursue and to make sure these targets are selected openly and on the basis of potential membership gains. Generally we need to adopt fewer targets and pursue them more effectively. Organising projects where we have no access to workers, no problems at work we can organise around and no means to service new members as they join, should be given low priority. 
  3. To focus each region on developing stronger workplace organisation in arrears where our membership is weak but the GMB is recognised. To mobilise, train and support our reps to better use, our existing recognition and facilities agreements to recruit and organise new members. Demanding access to consult workers during negotiations on pay and conditions is an effective way recruit and build strength of the union.

In addition, the National Organising Team has adopted three national projects which all regions will focus on. These projects will remain in place until they have achieved a momentum of their own nationally, when new projects will be considered and adopted, but never exceeding three at any one time. The NOT will develop the industrial and organising strategy on these national projects with regional colleagues, National Officers and members. Regional and national recourses will be diverted to these projects to make sure they succeed.

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