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GMB@Work Organising Policy

An organised workplace is more than just a loose collection of individual members who happen to share the same employer. Our union’s strength comes from building strong workplace organisation with good communication and enough representatives. Workplace Organising is about being good at recruitment, retention and representation.

The workplace is where we are best able to protect our members and improve their working conditions.

On rare occasions when employers don’t listen to GMB and our members want to ballot for industrial action, the union needs to be very highly organised to meet with all the legal requirements.

GMB recognises that on a day to day basis it is the bosses who employ our members who cause most of their problems and that people join us to resolve those problems.

Few people join GMB out of gratitude for a good pay deal in the past or for protection a colleague’s fro unfair dismissal. Most people join GMB and get active out of fear of what is happening to them today and in hope of what can be achieved through the union tomorrow.

Our members are GMB so they must organise themselves around the problems that they and potential members face wherever they work, be it a factory, care home, school or office. GMB wants its members to control GMB where they work as much as possible and will support this process through the work of full time GMB organisers, GMB Branches and GMB@Work training

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