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GMB’s campaign for School’s began here in the West Midlands back in March 2001. Since then, thousands of School Support Staff have joined us in our campaign. Classroom Assistants, Nursery Nurses, Special Education Assistants, Secretaries, Bursars and Technicians, staff from across all roles within our schools have begun to unite to make a real difference in the way Support Staff are treated within the education service.

Our campaign is based on fairness and equality within our schools. We want recognition of support staff’s professional status, fair pay and grading within a national framework, secure year-round employment, time off, with pay, for training which leads to national recognised qualifications, adequate funding and recourses for our schools and last but not least, respect.

However, there is still a lot of hard work and campaigning ahead of us. We would urge each and every one of you to join us in our campaign to ensure that the hidden professionals of the education service are finally recognised and rewarded.

School Support Staff Website

To find out more information GMB Birmingham & West Midlands have set up a dedicated website designed to tell existing School Support Staff members about the services and benefits that GMB membership has to offer.

The website also contains a wealth of information from School Workforce News to HTLA, and also about the GMB's campaign to save our Teaching Assistants. Please go to www.gmb-westmids.org.uk/schoolsupportstaff

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