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Wendy Grieveson

Wendy Grieveson

Wendy is a GMB Organiser and is based in the Stoke Office. Prior to her appointment she was a shop floor representative as well as the Health & Safety representative on Wedgwood pottery for 12 years, during this time she took advantage of many TUC courses to do with Union, Health & Safety and Employment Law.  Wendy was also a trustee for the pension scheme for 9 years and a director trustee for 4 years.

Wendy sat on Unity’s NEC for 10 years, 2 of which she was Vice President, and 4 as Trustee.  She has been a Divisional Officer for Unity for 18 months dealing mostly with the pottery industry.

Wendy strongly believes in fairness and firmly believe that everyone should be a member of a union.

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