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Samantha Warburton

Samantha Warburton

Samantha is a GMB Organiser based at the Stoke Office. Prior this appointment Samantha had worked in the pottery industry since leaving school.  She has been a shop floor representative as well as the Health and Safety representative at Portmeirion Group for over 10 years.                                  

Samantha has completed TUC courses which include Health & Safety and Employment Law.  She was lucky enough to sit on many committees within Unity the Union including the National Executive Council for approximately 6 years, the Ceramic charity (CIWS) as a committee member for 5 tears and as a trustee for the pension scheme for 3 years.

Samantha is enthusiastic about the future and learning new skills to gain membership and help grow the GMB, especially the Fine Manufacturing Sector which is close to her heart. She wants to educate people that Trade Unions are needed in all workplaces.

Samantha has committed herself to fight for fairness and strongly believes that everyone should be a member of a union.


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