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Ake Achi

Ake Achi

Ake Achi has a long history of fighting for the rights of working people. Since coming to the UK he has set up the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Network. He has also worked with the Labour Party to promote international development and get more MBE people registered to vote, organised demonstrations and events and more more.

In 2014 Ake gave a powerful speech  at GMB Congress about how he was a child labourer in the cocoa fields of his home country. As someone who has seen first-hand just what companies will do to working people and families if they are allowed. Ake understands the importance of GMB and it“s work. 

In the past few years Ake has organised a demonstration for International Migrants Day and an event for Black History Month until he became an GMB Officer for the Southern Region. 

Ake has now joined the GMB Birmingham & West Midlands Region. 

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