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Overview: Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant PledgeBack in the Summer of 2013, Michael Gove started a storm with his comments about Teaching Assistants being a “mums’ army” and having a negative effect on pupils. His comments followed on from headlines in the press about talks between the Treasury and the Department of Education around the ‘phasing out’ of Teaching Assistants (TA’s).

GMB’s response was to launch a campaign to support TA’s . In a ground swell of support, thousands of ordinary people including School Support Staff, Parents, Carers, Teachers and Headteachers signed our petition. Following on from this, 45 MPs signed our ‘Early Day Motion’ and spoke up for TA’s in Parliament.

The GMB campaign continued building strength for just under a year before Michael Gove was finally ousted from his role as Secretary of State for Education.

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