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Overview: Violence in Schools

GMB Calls For Zero Tolerance Of Violence Against Staff In Schools And For Adequate Safeguards To Protect Members From Attacks

It is unacceptable for school staff to be kicked, punched, spat on or to have school equipment and even furniture thrown at them says GMB.

GMB, the union for school support staff, commented on a new survey showing that more than two-fifths (42.8%) of education workers have had to deal with violent pupils in the last year - while others have faced insults, threats, bullying and harassment. See notes to editors for copy of the report on Press Association dated 29th January.

GMB Birmingham & West Midlands Region are asking members to advise us of any instances in the past or present where this kind of violence has taken place. We understand that this is a very sensitive issue and confidentiality is paramount, but any information provided would influence our campaign so we can identify ways of preventing future attacks. 

If you are happy to come forward and tell us your story please contact the Halesowen Regional Office on 0121 550 4888 or by email to westmids@gmb.org.uk

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