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Overview: Fair Pay for Local Government and School Support Staff

"There has never been a more important time to be in a union, to stand together against injustice and low pay"

GMB and the other trade unions made a formal claim for a £1 an hour pay rise for everyone.  That was to lift people out of low pay and up to the level of the Living Wage.  We gave the employers a fully evidenced claim which proved that on average local authority and school staff have lost over £2,000 a year due to the pay freezes.  

They ignored our evidence and said it was 1% for everyone except the very lowest paid, and it wastake-it-or-leave-it.  The formal offer is:

All pay points get a 1% increase except:

£580 on pay point 5 
£275 on pay point 8 
£550 on pay point 6 
£200 on pay point 9
£400 on pay point 7 
£175 on pay point 10 

The total offer is worth about 1.07% on the pay bill. 

This is nowhere near good enough. It would mean the cost of living going up three times as fast as pay, leaving you worse off in real terms. Low pay is bad for you and bad for local communities whose shops and businesses will suffer if no one can afford to spend in them. It doesn’t have to be like this. 

Our £1 an hour claim is affordable and it makes good economic sense to pay public service workers a fair wage and not rely on benefits as so many have to. School budgets can afford it and so can Councils if they stop squirreling money away in reserves. 

The government tells us that the economy is growing again, coming out of austerity; it’s time for a fair deal for everyone not just the wealthy. You can make a difference. 

Government and employers will continue to cut your pay and your jobs unless you say ‘no more’. GMB believes you should reject the 1% pay offer and be ready to take action to get what you deserve. Now it’s up to you.

GMB have consulted with all members in a postal ballot which resulted in a strike action.

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