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Switch to Direct Debit

Your rights are under threat — Switch to Direct Debit to keep your voice!

The government is seeking to end the practise of collecting your union subscriptions from your salary. This means your union's ability to represent you is under threat. Don't let them take your Union Membership and your voice at work. Make the switch today!

Your GMB membership gives you essential cover at work. And in these uncertain times you can't afford to lose that protection. Our priority is to ensure that you can still access the help and support your GMB membership gives you. It's quick and easy to make the switch.

Direct Debits are easier for you to manage; you control your own finances and have options as to when during the month you would like your Union contributions to be deducted

How to switch to Direct Debit

There are various ways to switch, here's how:


Make the switch online today by registering your details with us, if you haven't already done so. Then go to http://www.gmb.org.uk/join/login

Fill in a Switch to Direct Debit Form

You can download the following form below fill it in and send back to the following address for the attention of the membership department.

GMB Birmingham & West Midlands Regional Office
Will Thorne House
2 Birmingham Road
West Midlands, B63 3HP


Contact the Halesowen Regional Office on 0121 550 4888 with your bank details to hand and ask them to switch your membership.

It's that easy, do it today!

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